Difficult times make us develop resolve and inner strength.
Dalai Lama

In the psychotherapeutic practice we use a variety of methods in an integrated way. These methods complement each other and thus lead to the desired changes and help us to achieve well being.

The following are short descriptions of the methods used:


Systemic family therapy

according to Virginia Satir
no one is ever alone; we are always connected with others. In the systemic way of looking at the world expressed through family sculpting and family reconstruction we achieve a helpful perspective on our family life and other systems we live in.
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Systemic constellation process ®

With the systemic constellation process we induce changes directly at the

foundation of the communicative process where we create reality and thus induce sustainable solutions for the client. In our work we use the systemic board systemic board and the constellation process in single work and in groups.


Neuro linguistic programming (NLP)

By using language, utilisation of language patterns and trance states we obtain a direct access to the structure of our individual experience and thus can deliberately and effectively create desired solutions and realities.
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Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Using linguistic focusing and steered eye movement which together directly affect brain reactions, we can resolve even deep traumas in a safe and gentle way.
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In Brainspotting we use attention focussing and body perception to integrate trauma and difficult experiences in a safe and gentle manner in order to change problematic behaviour and to achieve solutions for burning life questions.


Solution-oriented brief therapy

As the focus of our attention, we have the desired goals and resources. A respectful attitude and the assumption that the already-existing abilities are sufficient to resolve our problems lead swiftly to a lasting improvement of our situation.
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Hypno/systemic methods

Under this designation we include a variety of methods, which use formal or everyday trance states and suggestions to further search- healing- and learning processes.
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Methods in play therapy

Play in its unlimited forms is used to establish contact and structure relationships. Used with children we find solutions for personal problems on a pre- linguistic level and are able to resolve trauma and other issues.
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