The Constellation Process

The constellation process is a special tool to make our inner and outer realities visible to our consciousness. The benefit of the constellation process is to discover relevant information in an instant. This information is new insofar as it wasn’t recognised up until then and was thus left unused.

With the constellation process we are able to accurately and in a very personal way appropriate new views, experiences and alternative courses of action. Possible solutions appear instantly in the group process and implications can be explored.

What exactly ist he constellation process?

  • In the constellation process we assume that there is a correspondence between living systems (Individuals, Families, Organisations) and the symbolic arrangement of elements in space in the process. Using hypno-systemic techniques we are able to make obstructive patterns visible which we then can sustainably and respectfully lead to a “solution in betterment”.
  • In a constellation seminar someone has a concern (Problem) which will be discussed with the host (therapist) in advance or in the group as it is appropriate. According to the goal of the constellation process the person with the concern chooses representatives from among the participants and “places” them in the room. In the following process the representatives will repeatedly be interviewed and guided to change their position relative to each other. Using ritual wording we work towards solution until a change for the better is perceivable.
When can constellation work be of help?
  • Unconscious obstructive patterns from the personal past become conscious and can change into a curative solution – you find the freedom to be “yourself again”.
  • You look upon patterns and limitations you adopted out of the past of your family system and transform them in a tender process into new found strength.
  • You learn to let go of old obstructions, traumas and find your very personal new beginning.
  • You find ways to shed old ballast from your partnership and discover again love and deepening respect for each other.
  • You can view possible futures and thus you can simulate courses of action and choose the best ways according to what you want.
  • You find ways to dissolve old stories and rigid patterns in order to lead again a harmonic family life.
  • You enable your children to unfurl their whole potential by solving stubborn conflicts and changing obsolete belief patterns in the system.
  • Profession and vocation are essential aspects of our human life. You find the right answers: Where should the journey go?
Which variations of constellation work are there?
In my therapeutic practice I use the whole spectrum of constellation work:

In the work with individuals I often use the “systemic board” to discover appropriate solutions with hypno-systemic tools. In this work the positions are marked with tokens which in turn are “visited” by the client to affect suitable changes.

We also use “miniatures” where I guide you to bodily occupy different positions in space and thus we can utilise the whole spectrum of different perspectives to achieve fitting solutions.

Constellation work in a group is distinguished by using other people (representatives) to occupy all these different positions. These other beings can report accurately and without agenda about their perceptions within these different positions. In our further work we change the relative position and use ritual wording in order to arrive at a fitting solution for everyone.

What’s the origin of constellation work?
The beginning of constellation work (family constellation work) can be found in the work of Virginia Satir (1916 – 1988) and Jakob Moreno (1889 – 1974). They discovered that special arrangement of persons has implications for their emotional condition. This was used to find solutions for complex problems.

Later, the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the hypnotherapy modelled after Milton H. Erickson contributed to the methodical treasure chest of the constellation process. Also Bert Hellinger participated in developing the method, although he is sometimes criticised for his authoritarian and conservative views.

In latest developments the assumptions and methods of the solution focused brief therapy (SFBT, Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg) found integration into the constellation process – a fact that finds its expression in the systemic structural constellation process (Matthias Varga von Kibed, Insa Sparrer).

Special offers

Family constellation work

In family constellation work and related formats we occupy ourselves with finding solutions for essential questions in our system of origin. We give back what we don’t need any more, look for support with our forbearers and clarify obstructing entanglements. Thus we can meet our individual future unbound and free.

Team and organisational constellation work

With these constellation formats we are looking for the strengths in the system and make them more easily accessible, we find synergies and solve conflicts. In this way we improve efficiency and contentment among the staff and avoid a waste of energy and competence.

Special perspectives:

    Sustainable conflict resolution for teams and departments

  • Support launch of companies and products
  • Support succession and handing over of companies
  • Find answers for personal vocational questions
  • Test alternative possibilities and support appropriate decisions
  • Accompany takeover, fusions and restructuring of companies
  • Generate visions and perspectives for future developments


Constellation work with myth and fairy tales

We use myth and fairy tales as models and thus gain access to the unconscious stream of consciousness of our culture, our ancestors. In representing different roles we discover hitherto hidden sides of our being and are so able to integrate unknown streaks within our soul. With this we free energy and gain joy and joie de vivre.


Screenplay constellation process

Here we use the family constellation process as a blueprint to arrange fictitious stories in the form of novels or screenplays and thus merge art with the systemic view. In this way we visualise character constellations, conflicts and emotions as well as the perspective of the audience or the investors. This permits conclusions for possible corrections and approaches for further development.

This offer is addressed at art directors, producers and authors.
This screenplay constellation work is conducted in collaboration with Corinna Antelmann who serves as a co-leader and contributes her competence in directing and story telling.

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Constellation work

Saturday,  at 10 am- 5 pm


  • Free for representatives
  • Clients in ongoing treatment with a concern: € 250,-
  • Clients from outside with a concern: € 300,-

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always Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm

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