Psychotherapy and coaching for adults

A system is a made up of many parts. Every part is connected to every other part in such a particular way that any change in a part affects a change in the whole…
Virginia Satir

Psychotherapy with adults

As a first step in the psychotherapeutic encounter we explore in a broad manner the individual situation and develop with the information obtained together effective strategies to overcome suffering and pain in a solution oriented manner. My focus thereby is the personal strength and capabilities, as well as the unique integration with family and personal ties to transform a crisis into a chance for individual growth.

Coaching for parents

Who supports parents when they are at a loss as to what to do? During comprehensive interviews ?we find solutions to the hitherto unsolvable. I support you in your efforts for as long as you wish.


Grief and Loss

The loss of loved ones and family members is often a very far reaching experience which can derail ones live and relationships. It often has a deep impact on many areas of our existence. In our work with loss and grief we aim to facilitate the process of letting go, to integrate the new situation and to recover the ability to actively shape ones live in a positive and life affirming way.


Near death experience (NDE)

Thanks to the achievements of modern medicine there are more and more individuals who survive their clinical death and come back from the brink of life’s end with truly amazing stories to tell. Unfortunately there is often no one to listen or willing to listen. In our work with NDE we aim to understand these unusual experiences in order to integrate them in a positive and strengthening way.


Systemic constellation process

We all have a mother and a father. It doesn‘t matter if they are dead or alive, if they are far away or close; we always live in our family. In the constellation process we experience our relationships in space and time in order to give careful attention to entanglements and dependencies with the aim of finding mindful, creative and constructive solutions for our deep questions. This helps diminish suffering and enhances quality of life. >> more to constellation work


Trauma-therapy / Trauma-treatment

“Brainspotting“ is a specialised technique which uses eye movement in order to resolve trauma and unhealthy reactions to trying situations especially in dealing with sexual abuse, accidents, assaults and other difficult experiences. 

Working with dreams

Working with dreams is, according to Sigmund Freud “the Royal Road to the Unconscious“ and can help to achieve a better understanding of oneself and one‘s life-circumstances. We work on dream memory and use a variety of methods to gain a clearer understanding of one‘s nocturnal journeys in order to achieve one’s individual path to clarity and healing.