General Terms and Conditions (valid from 01.04.2020)


Professional secrecy:

As a psychotherapist I am obliged to maintain the confidentiality of client data.

My clients’ trust in my professional secrecy is of the highest value, which is why I will never release any information to third parties. If clients need written confirmation of any kind I will provide such documents only to the client who requests it. The obligation to secrecy never ends and outlasts the psychotherapeutic relationship.


Beginning and end of the psychotherapeutic relationship:

The psychotherapeutic relationship starts at the initiative of the client with the initial interview and ends with the decision of the client or by mutual agreement. Whatever the modalities, it is preferable to end the psychotherapy with a final consultation.


Cancelling appointments:

It is desirable to have appointments on a weekly basis on the same day and at the same time. An appointment may be cancelled without incurring costs if it is done at least 48 hours before the planned appointment, otherwise the appointment is regarded as held and will have to be paid. In case of sickness it will be decided on a case by case basis.



The initial consultation costs € 150,-.

One unit psychotherapy (50 minutes) costs € 110,-

A double unit of 100 minutes costs € 200,-

Preparation of application for cost refund with the WGKK costs 28 (will be refunded entirely by WGKK)

There are two ways to pay:

# You can pay cash and I will give you a receipt. If desired I will confirm receipt of money for insurance purposes.

# You can pay via wire transfer in advance and I will deduct the costs for the units from there.

My services are exempt from VAT according to §6 Abs.1 Z 19 UStG


Subsidy from public insurers:

Most public insurers will refund €28,- per unit.

If you want to claim this refund you have your practitioner to fill a form before the 2nd unit which I will provide you with. Before the 10th unit I will in accordance with the client prepare an application form containing a diagnosis and other necessary information for the WGKK. With these two forms you can approach the insurer who in turn will agree to subsidise a certain number of therapy sessions.


Details on the Seminars:

# All seminars are under the obligation of professional secrecy.

# All praticipants in my seminars are obliged to respect and follow he guidelines for appropriate secrecy

# The tackling of my clients questions and concerns follows in the order of formal application. Change to that order requires mutual agreement

# Applications are valid as soon as € 50,- arrived in my account. Cancellation is free of costs until one week before the seminar date. After that I keep the initial amount but it is possible to dedicate this amount to the application for another date. The full amount ist o be paid latest on the date of the seminar.

# For clients in a current treatment I will calculate 2 units of treatment to be applicable for refund with the insurer.



Data processing and newsletter

You consent to my data processing according to current law during the initial meeting with your signature. At the same time you can choose to agree to receive my newsletter concerning seminars and related topics with your signature.
Privacy policy and data protection:



Jurisdiction for all disputed topics is Vienna


Online therapy:

During the Coronacrisis the opportunity was created to provide psychotherapy via online chat and to clear that with the public insurer like traditional face to face therapy:
# For online therapy the same rules and regulations apply concerning confidentiality and due diligence like in face to face therapy
# From my side I will do all I can keep my technical tools and connections up to date to insure confidentiality. However, despite best practice a small risk remains for which I cannot be held responsible in any case.
# Responsibility for keeping confidentiality at the side of the client lies and remains with the client. Additional the client is responsible for creating an environment which is conductive to provide confidentiality. It is highly recommended to use a headset with microphone for the sessions.
# The Apps used for online therapy are Skype and Zoom
# It is absolutely not allowed to produce any electronic recoding either from the therapist nor from the client without prior written consent
# I f despite these provisions any recordings are created they will remain in my property including all rights
# In case of an initial meeting the identity of the person seeking therapy has to be properly established


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